The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and the major Swiss engineering associations are behind the Swiss Engineers' Day.

Advisory Committee

  • Hannes Treier, Chair, National Committee WFEO / ENGINEERS EUROPE *
  • Alexandre Kounitzky, National Committee WFEO, President ENGINEERS EUROPE Switzerland
  • Stefan Arquint, National Committee WFEO / ENGINEERS EUROPE
  • Nora Escherle, Managing Director SVIN
  • Lea Hasler, Managing Director IngCH *
  • Mario Marti, Managing Director
  • Livia Brahier, Head of Communication
  • Christoph Starck, Managing Director SIA
  • Olin Bartlome, SIA, Responsible Professional Group Civil Engineering (BGI)
  • Giovanni Crupi, Central President Swiss Engineering STV
  • Alexander Jäger, Secretary General Swiss Engineering STV
  • Esther Koller, Managing Director SATW
  • Vakant, Co-Head of Communication and Marketing SATW
  • Rico Breu, Vice President Engineer Surveyor Switzerland IGS
  • Vakant, ETH, Sustainable Construction
  • Sabine Lenz, Managing Director IAESTE Switzerland
  • Fabrice Burri, Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE - Agenda 2030
  • Daniel Löhr, Co-Founder / Office Engineers' Day *
  • Christian Vils, Co-Founder / Office Engineers' Day *

* Core Team Network Event

For suggestions and feedback: