TecDays at Swiss secondary schools

Are you keen on inspiring young talent and promoting the image of the engineering profession?

Participate in SATW TecDays at Swiss secondary schools!

The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW has been organising TecDays at secondary schools in Switzerland for 17 years with great success. On TecDays, experts from the industry and research perform 90-minute hands-on workshops about their field of expertise. We organize 10-14 TecDays every year for smaller and larger schools - that's up to 10,000 pupils every year. Students choose their favorites from a wide range of different workshops (modules) and ensure that they experience an interesting and individual programme.

Join us! Introduce your expertise to high school students - the more hands-on, the better! Give them valuable and unique insights into your working world, be a role model and inspire young people with your enthusiasm!

Modules are usually requested in the language of the region, however some schools welcome a few Modules also in English.

Please find more information about our TecDays at www.tecday.ch. We are happy to answer any questions you may have at tecday@satw.ch.


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