Some engineering fields lack "sexiness"!

Donor: EQUANS Switzerland

Interview with Antonin Guez, CEO & Head of Integrated Services a.i.

Answers from Antonin Guez, on Engineers' Day.

When and in what context did you first hear about Engineers' Day?  
I first heard about Engineers' Day in 2019. It was during my second year at ENGIE [now EQUANS]. I thought it was a great idea to promote what is key for us to address current challenges: technical skills, especially related to the energy transition. 
Your company has been involved in Engineers' Day as a donor for some time now. Why are you involved in this event? 
ENGIE has been called EQUANS since February 2022. EQUANS is the  
market leader for energy efficiency and digitalization of buildings and sites. Engineers are central to us. Our biggest problem is that we don't find enough good people. We are ready to support and train them. But we have to get the candidates excited about our professions first. 
What goal would you highlight as the most important priority in terms of your involvement in Engineers' Day or in everyday life? 
Our biggest challenge is to find the best solutions to reduce our customers' environmental footprint. To do that, we need the latest technologies and the abiliGy to design innovative systems for our customers, whether in industry or construction. 
Why do you think engineers and their services are underappreciated in everyday life, and what can engineers do about it?   
Many engineers are perceived correctly, think of digitalization, which is driven by engineers. But in other areas, the "sexiness" is missing. Many successes of engineers are taken for granted. We need to inspire again as well as be proud ourselves and not too shy. 
If you had one wish to be able to influence the promotion of young talent even more, to whom would this wish go and what would it be? 
I would want to motivate more women for this profession! 
Do you have another wish in connection with Engineers' Day? 
"Success breads success!" Let's learn from the best marketing companies and communicate intensively about the day and our successes. 

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